Baseball Takes Tough First Loss of Season, Looks to Rebound When Weather Clears

The Tigers took a tough road loss on Wednesday when they visited the Eastern Gateway Gators in Niles, Ohio. For 6 innings, the Tigers hung tough and trailed just 5-3 heading to the 7th. The Gators then exploded for 8 runs in the inning, forcing the umpires to call the game per the 10-run rule.

Still, the Tigers are 2-1 heading into conference play on Tuesday, April 10 when they head to Monroeville for a date with CCAC Boyce. The Tigers have faced tough weather conditions, which have forced many non-conference cancellations. The Boyce St. Bernards, meanwhile, have faced a tough non-conference schedule to the tune of a 2-9 start.

First pitch on April 10 is scheduled for 4pm @ CCAC Boyce Campus.