South Campus Intramurals

Intramural activities offer students an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports without competing at the Varsity or Junior Varsity level.

All students are invited to participate, regardless of age or fitness level.

By participating in intramural activities, students enhance their teamwork and leadership skills. Students will also make connections with their peers and be able to improve their communication skills.

Get Involved
We will be hosting 3 intramural tournaments--3v3 basketball, doubles ping-pong, and team dodgeball. Locations and times are listed below, but feel free to contact Darren Lesher ( with any further questions!

-Basketball Tournament: September 13, 12-2pm in the Gym (G-5)

-Ping-pong Tournament: October 9, 12-2pm in the Tiger's Lair (A-3)

-Dodgeball Tournament: November 13, 12-2pm in the Gym (G-5)